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OKAPI EndoProtect
Protects against poor quality or too dry hay

OKAPI EndoProtect can be added to feed concentrates, or sprinkled on hay or
soaked hay.
Feeding tips:
Adult horses receive 1-2 scoops sprinkled on their feed
concentrate or on hay. Depending on their size, ponies get about half that.
Composition :
Yeast (inactivated and dried), milk thistle extract (with natural silymarin), flour
Technological additives per kg:
Bentonite-montmorillonite (E558) 30%
Purified diatomaceous earth (E551c) 25%
Constituents and analytical contents:
Crude protein: 16%
Crude fibre: 4.3%
Raw ash: 57%
Crude fat: 0%
Sodium: 0%
Calcium: 0%
Phosphorus: 0%
Feed supplement for horses
Keep in a dry and cool place.

Endoprotect 1kg

PriceFrom €39.90
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