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Very strong fine-mesh DUO hay net that ensures slow absorption of the hay.
Unique because the net has different meshes on both sides.

Knotless and made of a very strong material (polypropylene) which allows the net to last a very long time. In addition, the mesh fineness and quality ensure less hay loss and a cleaner barn.

With 7 meters of free super strong hanging rope.

Does not affect tooth enamel
No iron in the wire
A unique color scheme
Where can it best be used?
Perfect for indoors and outdoors for slowly feeding hay. Since it can be filled vertically and hung, you can put hay in it for several days, saving you a lot of time and labor. Perfectly usable in the stable, box or in the field. Unique because it is easy to close and fill with the flap on top.

Why Use a Slow Feed Hay Net?
When horses and ponies are given too much hay at one time, they can suffer from stomach ulcers and even colic. By using a slow-feeding hay net, the animal receives small amounts throughout the day, which greatly improves digestion but also prevents boredom (less stress). In addition, our nets simulate the natural feeding pattern of horses by allowing them to ingest small amounts throughout the day.

Including 7 meters of very strong suspension rope

100 x 90cm

Mesh size 
It is a DUO net, i.e. on one side there are 6 cm meshes and on the other side 4.5 cm meshes.

Material thickness

Hay capacity

More than 1000 kg of pulling power "Tension resistance

Our hay nets are certified in accordance with

OEKO-TEX Standard Testing and Certification System 100 
ISO 14001 - Environmental management systems
ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety management systems
Made in Europe


'Slowfeeder' net for slow hay feeder 10 kg (5 mm thick, 60 mesh/

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