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Harpagophytum liquid meets the increased need for nutrients of the motor system of sport horses subjected to intense activity. Harpagophytum liquid version and selected plants, for a fast and targeted effect. Supports joint quality and function

  • Dietary supplement

Harpagophytum Liquid 1L

  • Extracts of Harpagophytum, calendula, arnica, wild pansy, bamboo, blackcurrant, horsetail and Canada fleabane.

    • Proteins: 1.3%,
    • cellulose: traces,
    • fat: 0.32%,
    • ashes: 0.37%
    • Horses, double pony: 50 ml/day
    • Pony, small horses: 25ml/day

    In maintenance, 1 week per month:

    • Horses, double pony: 50 ml/day
    • Pony, small horses: 25ml/day/
    • Suitable during gestation, lactation and for foals.
    • If you are not giving a ration, give by syringe directly into the mouth.

    As a precaution, stop liquid Harpagophytum 3 days before a competition, could contain traces of harpagosides.

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