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Metazoa Fitright luzerne is a supplement for horses highly concentrated in vitamins, minerals, and other necessary trace elements. Metazoa Fitright is made from Alfalfa and contains no grains, molasses, soy or GMOs. Starch and sugar levels are therefore very low. This supplement is formulated for horses receiving a diet based on good quality forages. The maintenance dose, in addition to ad libitum hay, is 50 g/day per 100 kg bodyweight only. This food replaces any other concentrate (granulated or flaked). Available in 15kg bags and 4kg buckets

Metazoa Fitright Alfalfa (SuperFit Broxxx) 15kg

  • Ingredients:

    Vitamins and minerals
    Vegetable oil

    Content percentages per kg
    Crude protein 14.8%
    EW Horse 0.52
    VRE Horse 9.4%
    Crude fat 5.0%
    19.8% crude fiber
    Crude mineral materials 22.4%
    Starch (alfalfa) 3.0%
    Sugar (from alfalfa) 1.8%

    Minerals per kg
    Calcium (Ca) 40g
    Phosphorus (P) 3.2 g
    Potassium (K) 17.6g
    Magnesium (Mg), 20.0g
    Zinc (Zn) 1323mg
    Iron (Fe) 924mg
    Copper (Cu) 215mg
    Sodium (Na) 12.0g
    Manganese (Mn) 500mg
    Selenium (Se) 1.74mg
    Iodine (I) 7.5mg
    Cobalt (Co) 3.0mg
    Chlorine (Cl) 17.9g

    Vitamins per kg
    vitamin A: 45,000 IU
    vitamin D3: 16,000 IU
    vitamin E (DL -a- Tocof.acet . ): 2000 mg
    Vitamin C: 500mg
    Vitamin B12: 1200mcg
    Biotin: 2000 mcg

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