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Healthy herbal teas for horses & ponies


Gentle Detox

Gentle herbal blend for a fit metabolism

14 sachets of 6g: 84g

In periods that particularly affect the metabolism, such as the change of coat, the pasture, the medication or the change of stable, a fine herbal tea based on nettle, goldenrod or sage can help your companion. on all fours to regain balance more quickly. Our tea horse blends are high quality, pure herbal blends with no sugar or other unhealthy additives.

Power recommendation
Horses receive one sachet per day. Ponies get about half, depending on their size.

Simply pour the contents of one sachet into a liter of water (hot, warm or cold), stir and it's ready. Thanks to its fine structure, the valuable ingredients of our herbs can be absorbed particularly well. Can also be added to mash, hay pellets or other soaked foods. To be given only at hand temperature or cold to avoid burns!


Gentle Detox Tea

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  • Composition
    nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, goldenrod, sage, cornflower blossoms

    Analytical constituents and contents
    crude protein: 15.2%.
    crude fat: 2.2%.
    crude fibre: 18.1%.
    Crude ash: 10.0%.
    Calcium: 21.8%.
    phosphorus: 5.04%.
    sodium: 0.48%.

    Complementary feed for horses

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