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The possibilities to start: remove the manure regularly or opt for a "mattress" stall, in the first case the fermentation will take place on the pile of manure; in the second, directly in the box.

• Spray some Microferm (diluted at 5%) on the stable floor.

•  Place a layer of litter (straw, linen, miscanthus...). N'utilisez, de préférence, pas de matériel        _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  ligneux since it ferments quite badly.

•  Place a layer of Vulkamin  (and clay minerals) to absorb moisture (250 g/m²).

•  Place a layer of litter.

• Spray some Microferm (diluted at 5%) on the litter.

•  Depending on the system chosen, you will remove the manure or not. Dans les 2 cas, on utilise chaque jour de       la nouvelle litière et on y spread du Vulkamin twice a week to treat wet spots.

◦ ​9m² stable: 0.5 kg each time

◦  12m² stable: 0.75 kg each time

​• Pulvérisez 3 fois par semaine du Microferm (dilué à 5%) sur la litière.

◦ ​9m² stable: 1L of solution each time

◦  12m² stable: 1.5L of solution each time


     In addition, the Microferm offers a solution for the treatment  of manure. By spraying it on the litter, it contributes to an optimal decomposition of organic matter.  There are therefore fewer diseases of the respiratory system  and fewer flies in the stable.


1L Microferm / m² / year

In practice :

spray 2 to 3 times a week with a 1L solution in a 9m² stable (or 1.5L in a 12m² stable)
Dilution: 5% Microferm



•  Efficient transformation of organic matter

• A healthier stable, with fewer flies

•  Prevents putrefaction and ammonia fumes

The Vulkamin

is a volcanic stone powder, 100% natural with a capacity

enormous  of absorption, rich in minerals and trace


elements. The Vulkamin does not contain no polluting elements de by the primary character of the rock.

The minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium) and trace elements (silicon, zinc, titanium, etc.) contained in Vulkamin are of paramount importance for humans, animals and plants. But also the soil benefits since it is enriched by the Vulkamin used in the manure.

Vulkamin has effect disinfectant which benefits hoof health. Vulkamin reacts less with nitrogen compounds such as ammonium than limestone; which allows de  to preserve nitrogen  (less release of ammonia). The boxes are drier and the animals are less exposed to harmful substances. It is therefore a  prevention of diseases of the  respiratory system by ammonia fumes.




2 x 1 kg / stable of 12 m² / week

2 x 0.75 kg / stable de  9 m²/ week


• Great moisture absorption


• Avoids emanations of ammonia

•  Manure and soil are enriched with minerals and trace elements

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