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EM-X ceramics

Ceramic EM-X is made of clay fermented with effective micro-organisms and fired at a very high temperature in the absence of air; this process makes it possible to preserve the multiple characteristics and information of the micro-organisms, ´imprisoned´ in the clay; explaining the long-lasting action of EM-X ceramics.

HASuse everywhere where the water can turn green and develop harmful microbial flora: ponds, vases with flowers, aquariums... Simply put one to several handfuls of ceramic in it to keep your water clean longer (3-5 pipes for 1 liter of water).
Gray pipes are inexhaustible.

Action of these pipes:
- The chlorine evaporates.
- The accumulations of molecules due largely to impurities dissociate.
- The harmful elements contained in the water are retained by the antioxidants.
- EM ceramic also has the exceptional property of eliminating negative information and restoring the original state of magnetic resonances.

Conclusion: The water turns into excellent drinking and soft water. It becomes a better vector for essential substances in our organism and it can also regenerate vital functions.  Unlike other water sanitizing solutions, pipes do not destroy valuable minerals present in the water.

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