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EM and viruses

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Keywords: COVID-19, virus

Tips for prevention with SE

Here we have compiled a summary of possible applications of EM in virus outbreaks.


Spray hands and mouth

Spray EM (pure or 10% EM diluted in water) on your hands and rub them to moisten them. As a preventive measure in the mouth, spray several times on the inside of the mouth in order to completely cover the mucous membranes. This action should be performed several times every day. Although we do not have any oral use measurement data, it seems to us that it makes more sense to deactivate the viruses directly in the throat and prevent them from entering the body.

Repeat this operation before leaving your home and after your return, so that this preventive measure is effective. It is more effective to spray small amounts of EM several times than to use only once.

EM diluted with water should not stay in the spray bottle for a long time, the prepared mixture should be used in full within a day.

You can use both ready-to-use EM products (microferm & wipe & clean) and "EMa" (a=active) that you have fermented yourself.


EM in the daily diet

The lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and photosynthetic bacteria contained in EM together with their metabolic products formed during fermentation ensure a good intestinal flora and therefore an immune system that functions as the best weapon against viral attacks.


Using EM around the house

Spraying the diluted EM all over the house is very useful, not only in times of virus presence (about 10-20% dilution of EM with water).

A humidifier with EM is also recommended (EM dilution 1:300 - 1:500 = 1L water 30-50ml EM). Thus, the air in the room is continuously enriched with EM and helps to strengthen the regenerative power of the human body. This also requires cleaning and washing with the microbial cleaning power of EM. It is also believed that anyone who lives in a house built with EM has fewer colds or flus etc.


EM ceramics in drinking water

In principle, it is advisable to keep your own mucous membranes moist during periods when the virus is present. And to improve the quality of drinks thanks to EM ceramics. In various cultivation experiments, EM/ceramic EM plates were placed under the petri dish and found to significantly reduce the microbial load or significantly suppress the proliferation of viruses and cancer cells.



Many dominant positive (probiotic) microorganisms, widespread in their own environment, provide good support in the defense against viruses of all kinds.


Basic knowledge: EM and virus studies

Anyone who has known EM for a long time knows that they are capable of preventing the spread of viruses. This is not the first time that our society has been helpless in the face of a viral epidemic.

On the website, Professor Higa has already reported on swine flu in 2009, foot-and-mouth disease and the dangerous H5N1 bird flu virus in 2011, and in 2014 he repeatedly reported positive successes with EM in the containment of influenza viruses. In addition, EMRO (EM Research Organization) sent us the available studies on EM and viruses. Scientific material on EM and viruses is very scarce so far, but we would like to share with you the information we have at this stage.


The 2011 H5N1 virus report shows that several Korean farmers sprayed diluted EM in their barns and their cattle herds tested negative for foot-and-mouth disease in multiple tests conducted by the Veterinary Office. Of course, as we see so often, official experts were skeptical of these results.

A report by Hankyoreh Saranbang dated January 19, 2011 indicates that foot and mouth disease was completely stopped by the use of EM.


Poultry farm owners in Korea have had equally good results spraying diluted EM. They were spared the bird flu. EM-Research Organization (EMRO) points out that this is partly due to the  low PH value. Viruses immediately become inactive when exposed to a PH value below 4.0. In 30 seconds, the viruses become completely inactive. At a PH of 4.5 this happens within minutes and at a PH below 3.5 the viruses immediately cease their activity. This applies to all types of viruses - influenza virus, AIDS virus and herpes virus.


In a 2013 Japanese Society of Virology conference, the antiviral effects of EM were reported. Experiments were carried out there with the Herpes Simplex virus, in which a 100-500 times dilution of EM could suppress the infection in less than a minute. For example, EMRO claims that this spray solution replaces hand washing and that you can also spray this solution in your mouth. At the annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Virology in Yokohama in 2014, scientists presented another test with EM. The objective of this test was to prove that EM can inactivate not only the herpes simplex virus but also the influenza virus. Especially in barns, the use of EM-1 should prevent flu epidemics. The influenza virus (A/PR/8) was inoculated into embryonated chicken eggs. The viral solution obtained was then mixed with a diluted EM-1 solution. EM-1 was prepared with sterilized water and saline solution, then diluted in various proportions. Undiluted, it had a pH of 3.3. Diluted 10,000 times, the pH was 5.3.

The reaction in this mixture was stopped after some time by the addition of ice-cold DMEM culture medium. Then, the remaining viral infectivity was measured and evaluated.

The results showed that a hundredfold dilution of EM-1 suppressed the flu virus for the full 10 minutes (we assume this was the time period tested). A 1000-fold dilution showed proportional suppression. No suppression was observed in a countersample in which the EM was brought to pH 7.2 with an alkaline solution. The main result of these measurements showed that virus suppression occurs in principle at a pH value below 4.3.


Conclusion :

We are of the opinion that the suppression of viruses is not only due to an acidic pH value, because we know the ability of microbial control by EM and we have many examples from practice. A comparative measurement with, for example, apple vinegar or citric acid instead of EM, unfortunately has not been carried out by the Japanese Society for Virology, so that we cannot prove or disprove these assumptions at the moment. But we know the benefits of a healthy microbiome, the abilities of photosynthetic bacteria, and the production of antioxidants by EM. We must also bear in mind that the EMs were mixed with the virus in liquid form. On human skin, such a state of purity does not occur, we have many other (mainly beneficial) bacteria present. So here we also see the additional positive effect of EM, which when used on humans or in the open air positively influences other microorganisms.


Dilution for home spraying

So we know that the lower the pH value, the more effective EM is in fighting viruses. Even if this effect is not only due to the pH value.

A 1/10 dilution of EM (with a pH value of 3.0) with water achieves a pH value of approximately 4.0, which makes it recommendable for combating viruses, while a 1:100 dilution has a pH value of about 5.0. Of course, these numbers depend on the pH value of your own EMA.


Prepare EMa with a PH value of 2.8-3.0

If 10-15% more sugarcane molasses is added during the production of EMa, one can even achieve a PH value of 2.8-3.0, writes EMRO. This very acidic EM can then be diluted accordingly.


Viruses and Microbiome

However, it is not only the pH value that is essential to contain the spread of a virus. Reduced body temperature is an invitation to viruses, as it lowers immunity, Professor Higa writes in his reports. Viruses are sensitive to temperature, which is why the body's own fever breaks out when viruses have entered our system. Likewise, according to Dr. Bircher, grandson of the inventor of Birchermüslis and healer of the Spanish flu epidemic, hot baths and sauna can have an antiviral effect. (Video link in source list).

Our orthodox medicine has long administered antibiotics to combat various diseases. Even if doctors do not know the cause, the administration of antibiotics often brings an improvement. Professor Higa points out in his 2014 report that it is precisely from this fact that one can conclude that most diseases have a bacterial cause. He therefore concludes that the cause of an immune deficiency is mainly related to contamination by harmful microorganisms.

The overuse of antibiotics in hospitals has been stopped, as there are already far too many mutant and resistant pathogens in circulation.

A healthy microbiome, i.e. a healthy intestinal flora, is the most important pillar for strengthening one's own immune system. After all, it is the microorganisms in our digestion that produce important vitamins and enzymes. Here not only a proper diet, avoiding stress, sufficient physical activity, emotional balance, but also taking EM as a probiotic can help.


Engagement in Korea: with EM against the COVID-19 virus?

EMRO told us how EM is used in Korea against the COVID-19 virus.


Butan, Gijang County, Korea.


EMRO announced in its latest bulletin that the Gijang County Agricultural Cooperative Technology Center in Busan is carrying out "environmental protection activity" using EM to prevent COVID-19 infection. Citric acid is added to the EM produced there and this recipe is used in the event of an epidemic. This takes advantage of the virus's vulnerability to acidic conditions. (We do not have the exact recipe and proportions for this mixture. However, we do not consider this to be absolutely necessary, as EM naturally already has a pH value < 4.0)._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In addition, EM are distributed there daily until the virus situation has calmed down. In order to facilitate residents' access to EM, vending machines are available in the administrative and social center of the Gijang administration and in two health offices.

We hope that EM will spread and not only be sprayed in the private sector and agriculture, but perhaps also in health care facilities and nursing homes.



Obligation to inform:

Use of the information contained herein is at your own risk. It does not in any way replace examination or treatment by a doctor or an alternative practitioner, nor any diagnosis or medication. We disclaim all liability for damages of any kind arising directly or indirectly from the use of the information.


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