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The original for all horses, in organic quality

A healthy basic diet is essential and also serves as the foundation for a healthy digestive physiology.

The large format PRE ALPIN Wiesencobs pellets consist of more than 60 different grasses and herbs from the Bavarian pre-Alps and are therefore an ideal basic food. They are low in protein, but high in fiber and energy.

  • Natural vitamins and trace elements
  • Dust and fungus free
  • Without molasses
  • Without pressing substance
  • No added essential oils
  • Large format pellets 18 mm

Recommended ration:

  • As a replacement for the basic diet: 1.2 to 1.5 kg per day for 100 kg of target body mass
  • To add value to the staple food, adapt the quantity to the basic fodder intake: 1 kg of PRE ALPIN Wiesencobs replaces 1 kg of hay. Feed slowly or soak 1 kg in 1.5 to 3 liters of water.
  • As a concentrate feed substitute: 1.2 kg PRE ALPIN Wiesencobs replaces approx. 1 kg cereal
  • Wetting or soaking feed is generally recommended, especially if the horse eats hastily, is old or has dental problems.

Agrobs Pre Alpine BIO Wiesencobs 20kg

Sales Tax Included
Precommande avant le 12 septembre pour récupérer/livrer en Octobre
  • Herbs

    analytical components

    Ingredients for kg
    crude protein 8.3%
    digestible crude protein 6.6%
    crude praec protein. green. 4%
    crude oils and fats 1.9%
    crude fiber 26%
    raw ash 8.7%
    calcium 0.71%
    phosphorus 0.26%
    magnesium 0.24%
    chloride 0.27%
    sodium 0.03%
    potassium 1.78%
    sulfur 0.17%
    zinc 29.9mg
    manganese 144mg
    copper 6.06mg
    selenium <0.1mg
    starch <1%
    sugar 8.4%
    fructan 6.3%
    digestible energy 8mg
    digestible energy 6.8mg


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