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Structured feed for older horses

  • a unique combination of herbs and grasses
  • rich in crude fiber
  • free of mold and dust
  • pure natural product without additives (without molasses)
  • short fibers
  • uncompressed
  • hot air drying


Compound feed for horses

According to the literature, a horse is considered "old" from about 18 to 20 years old. However, there is no uniform definition in this regard.

As horses age, signs of graying of hair in the head area, changes in metabolism, reduced ability to regenerate, and abrasion or loss of teeth. It is now necessary to meet the needs of the aging horse, which generally assimilates its food less. The aim of feeding older horses should be an adequate supply of energy and nutrients to maintain good body condition.

In most cases, the biggest problem is tooth wear  or loss of individual teeth. It becomes more and more difficult for horses to chew staple foods and salivate enough. Due to the insufficient supply of crude fiber, horses lose weight, the intestinal flora is disturbed, which often leads to diarrhea or colic.

Forage  remains the basis of horse feed, even at an advanced age. If the consumption of fodder  causes problems, reasonable alternatives must be found. Counteracting this tendency by un  increasing the amount of concentrates generally brings only short-term success, long-term nutritional status deteriorates.

PRE ALPIN SENIOR are dry green fibres, specially developed for old horses or for horses which cannot chew their fodder sufficiently. The length of the fibers from about 3 to 20 mm. PRE ALPIN SENIOR thus fully covers the horse's raw fiber needs. It is also dust and mold free.

Adding cold-pressed flaxseed oil has other nutritional benefits. Besides energy, it provides the horse with essential fatty acids.

COMPOSITION : meadow herbs and aromatic herbs, blend of cold pressed oils  (linseed oil, camelina oil)


  • as a staple food (replaces hay at 100%)
  • to add value to hay, silage and pasture
  • as a concentrate feed substitute
  • in case of insufficient intake of assimilable crude fibres, e.g. ex. due to tooth loss
  • in case of weight loss due to age
  • to stimulate fluid absorption
  • to extend the duration of meals
  • in case of problems with chewing and teeth
  • to administer medication


  • as staple food: approx. 1.5 kg per 100 kg of target body weight per day
  • as feed concentrate: 1.2 kg replaces approx. 1 kg of cereal
  • to enhance the staple food: 1 kg replaces 1 kg of hay

AGROBS® recommends gradual distribution. If necessary, when changing feed mode, in voracious and old horses, in horses suffering from dental problems or drinking little, we generally advise you to moisten or soak the feed.


Crude protein8.60%Lysine0.37%
Oils and matte. gr. raw2.70%Methionine0.15%
Crude fiber28.50%cystine0.06%
raw ash9.20%Threonine0.34%
Sodium0.04%digestible energy7.60 MJ/kg
Potassium1.45%metabolic energy6.30 ME MJ/ kg
Sulfur0.13%Digestible raw protein4.00%

The values analyzed are of natural origin. *Also the analyzed sugar value is included purely natively. No artificial sugar has been added.
Status 01/2020

Agrobs Pre Alpine Senior 12.5kg

Precommande avant le 12 Juin pour recuperer/livrer debut Juillet
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