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Fodder in the form of flakes


A diet rich in crude fiber and structure is important for the digestive physiology of horses. Forage products form the basis. They provide a sufficiently long feeding time for the horse's chewing needs and constitute the primary element of the horse's diet. If the required amount of roughage is not reached for a long time, this can lead to the destruction of the intestinal flora, colic, liquid droppings, weight loss, etc.

With the Pre Alpin flakes, Agrobs has created a high quality and easy to feed fodder product. These practical flakes are ideal as a substitute for hay and effectively stimulate salivation.

Water-soaked pasture grass flakes are also ideal for older horses and horses with chewing or teething problems.

  • More than 60 different plants
  • With vitamins, trace elements and natural minerals
  • Without molasses
  • No essential oils or artificial flavors
  • Low protein
  • Low in starch and fructan
  • Mold and dust free


Sales Tax Included
Precommande avant le 12 septembre pour récupérer/livrer en Octobre

    Crude protein 8.50%

    Oils and matte. gr. gross 2.60%

    Crude fiber 27.50%

    Raw ash 9.20%

    Calcium 0.62%

    Phosphorus 0.23%

    Magnesium 0.23%

    Chloride 0.34%

    Sodium 0.04%

    Potassium 1.35%

    Sulfur 0.14%

    Starch 2.12%

    Sugar 9.80%

    Fructan 6.12%

    Zinc 26.00mg/kg

    Manganese 121.00 mg/kg

    Copper 4.80mg/kg

    Selenium <0.04mg/kg

    Lysine 0.37%

    Methionine 0.13%

    Cystine 0.001%

    Threonine 0.31%

    Digestible energy 7.76 DE MJ/kg

    Metabolic energy 6.50 ME MJ/kg

    Digestible raw protein 3.65%

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