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The Original Hay cubes for All Horses - Since 1983

  • over 60 different prairie grasses and herbs
  • rich in crude fiber
  • rich in natural vitamins and trace elements
  • free of dust and mold
  • without molasses
  • without pressing additives
  • without adding essential oils
  • extra large 18mm plugs

And also also available in ORGANIC quality!



The basis of healthy digestion is sufficient, quality basic fodder. Unfortunately, the current trend is towards un highly reduced fodder or of poor quality. However, a supply of healthy and valuable forage remains essential! If the horse does not receive enough quality hay or silage, the risk of various disorders increases. To maintain a healthy intestinal flora, microorganisms need a minimum content of crude fiber which can only be provided by staple foods.

Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs are an ideal basic food in the form of extra large pellets. They consist of a unique blend of more than 60 different meadow grasses and aromatic herbs from the Pre-Alps. The meadows are constantly checked and harvested at the right time of maturity. This ensures a high crude fiber content and a low protein content for optimal horse nutrition.

Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs can be used alternatively as the only concentrate feed or as a supplement to the concentrate ration. The high energy content provides more endurance and strength despite the low starch content. Also in sports!

Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs guarantee constant high-quality nutrition all year round and noticeably improve your horse's digestion and vitality. By feeding with Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs, you allow your horse to benefit from the advantages of an original plant diversity, such as it is found in the Prealps. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ (from light green to dark green) can distinguish the diversity of species in the composition. The herbs and plants contained in Pre Alpin Wiesencobs are harvested at the appropriate cutting times of the year. The different types of corks are then combined in a balanced mixture to form Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs.

COMPOSITION : meadow herbs and aromatic herbs


  • as a staple food (can replace hay at 100%)
  • to add value to hay, silage and pasture
  • as a concentrate feed substitute
  • in case of insufficient intake of assimilable crude fibres, e.g. ex. due to tooth loss
  • in case of respiratory problems caused by dust and mold present in the forage
  • in case of weight loss due to age
  • to stimulate fluid absorption
  • to administer medication


  • as staple food (100% hay substitute): approx. 1.5 kg per 100 kg of target body weight per day
  • as a concentrate feed substitute 1.2 kg replaces approx. 1 kg of cereal
  • to enhance the staple food: 1 kg replaces 1 kg of hay
  • distribute gradually
  • soak at a rate of 1.5 at 3 l of water per kg

Gradual introduction - in general, AGROBS® recommends soaking the plugs!


Crude protein7.90%Lysine0.41%Oils and matte. gr. raw2.50%Methionine0.13%Crude fiber29.50%cystine0.05%raw ash8.00%Threonin0.29%Calcium0.57%Starch2.20%Phosphorus0.22%Sugar*9.05%Magnesium0.21%Fructan5.84%Chloride0.37%Sodium0.02%digestible energy7.50 MJ/kgPotassium1.47%metabolic energy6.30 ME MJ/ kgSulfur0.14%Digestible raw protein3.72%Zinc23.00mg/kgManganese74.00mg/kgCopper4.70mg/kgSelenium<0.04mg/kg

The values analyzed are of natural origin. *Also the analyzed sugar value is included purely natively. No artificial sugar has been added.

Agrobs Pre AlpinWiesencobs 20kg

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