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ATV Lotion / anti tick and fleas for animals (not suitable for cats)

A new grooming product of bioron with broad employability.

To sum up against all the pesky crawling creatures in animals.


Composed of what nature offers us!

Without preservatives or chemical additions.


Ingredients: take, Colloidal Silver, wierookboom, black kummel, tea tree, ACV, vegetable fur nurturing emulsifying.

Always shaking for use!


Use for dogs and horses


Rub 1 tablespoon in your palm and massage in the fur for small to medium-sized dogs.

2 tablespoons for big dogs, 2 A 3 tablespoons for horses etc.


The correct frequency is dependent on each animal, some animals are very tasty for ticks and fleas and is required (temporary) every day.

For other animals, one or twice a week is sufficient. In Winter against fleas / lice is enough once a week.


Use for chickens

Once a week over the feathers clouds with a dilution of 1 to 10 against bloedluis.

With a dilution of 1 TO 5 at lime legs once a week.

Also treat the perch regularly with a dilution of 1 to 10!


Use environment

Once a week baskets, Pillows Ed. Inject with a dilution of 1 to 10.

Kill mites and fleas, Nits / eggs don't come out anymore.


Pay attention! ATV Lotion is unfortunately absolutely not suitable for cats!



After using prednisone at least 3 weeks waiting for this lotion to be used!




Price: 48.50 euros for 500 ml and 26.50 euros for 100 ml.





ATV Lotion is very good to combine with our diatomaceous earth.

Both reinforce each other in terms of operation, powerful, safe and effective against all kinds of annoying crawlies.

Or / and make a collar with emx ceramic beads, the beads increase the vitality of your animals making them less attractive for all kinds of parasites.





This product has been developed by a naturopath who has a shelter of 22 disabled dogs and colony strays and lives in an area where there are many ticks. So extensively tested in practice in often weaker animals!


She also uses our diatomaceous earth to release the animals almost completely parasites.


Half of the proceeds are invested in this shelter and the other half are the cost of high-quality raw materials.



The Shelf life of this product is approximately 1 years.

Equinenaturelle@Gmail.Com for more information.


Enjoy the summer!

ATV LOTION for horses and dogs 100ml

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