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What's in the Equine Naturelle Equibox

- The best unprocessed ingredients, diverse and full of natural nutrients, such as flower buds, leaves, seeds, fruits, stems.
- Mineral mixture 1.5kg sufficient for 2 months. 
-  mixture of leaves and bark 1kg


What it does NOT contain:
Products containing cereals, hidden additives or synthetic vitamins. 


2.5kg is enough for a shetland  for 2 months. 


We only give 40g per day of seasonal herbs.

It doesn't seem like much, but the herbs weigh next to nothing, so proportionally it's a lot and a healthy horse has enough here, including the mix of minerals and a variety. 


To provide your horse with all the herbs it needs, you need 90 different herbs in your meadow, research has been carried out on this in Belgium. Horses cannot find this in their pasture, which is why we have set up the equibox. 


The diversity in the menu of horses is very important, their body is adapted to it. So, by offering these herbs and a wide variety, you are giving your horse many health resources that prevent many problems. They are truly the building blocks of a healthy intestinal flora. 





Equibox Shet Fevrier-Mars 2.5 kg

PriceFrom €114.10
Sales Tax Included
  • 100% herbal blend. Contains: green oats, chamomile flowers, birch leaves, heather, dandelion (dent-de-lion) with roots, lingonberry, Iceland moss, yarrow, dead nettle, artichoke, restharrow root, knotweed, coriander seed , milk thistle seed, bedstraw, parsnip, parsley, quackgrass root, eupatorium, rosehip seed, nigella seed

    Constituents and analytical contents:

    Crude protein: 10.4%
    Oils and fats: 4.0%
    Crude fibre: 22.4%
    Raw ash: 7.8%
    Calcium: 0.57%
    Phosphorus: 0.34%
    Sodium: 0.26%

    Feed supplement for horses
    Keep in a dry and cool place.

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