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Promotes blood circulation
Ginkgo is a plant that has been proven to promote blood circulation gently and effectively. Ginkgo leaves are an alternative to willow bark and meadowsweet.
Ginkgo protects the walls of blood vessels and red blood cells by its antioxidant effect and thus promotes blood circulation throughout the periphery, therefore that of the skin, hooves, brain and internal organs. Ginkgo is therefore often administered in addition to other herbs so that their active ingredients reach their destination more quickly.



Analytical components Crude fiber 13.7%

Minerals Calcium 1.89%, phosphorus 0.29%, sodium 0.01%


Application Notes

Depending on the size of the horse, mix 1 to 3 heaped tablespoons of PerNaturam ginkgo leaves with the feed daily for one or two weeks.



100% ginkgo leaves, crushed

Ginkgo 1kg

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