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Wild carrot

This plant grows in almost every meadow and has an unusual appearance. Its medicinal effects are in the area of water balance and kidney function. It was also used in the past as a medicine for altitude sickness and epilepsy.

The root is known to be a worm repellent.



Sowing can be done in different ways, for example, if you have a meadow where animals are often kept, mark the corners or sow along the edges and place a ribbon there.

In due course you hand it over to the animals when they have had plenty of time to sow.

If the animals graze under the existing fence, you can use these areas, sowing some of the seeds out of reach of the animals, so that they can develop fully and come back the following year.

Once it has sown or before, you can also mow it with the long grass present there and offer it to the animals.


Make sure that the animals feed on it selectively, otherwise reduce the quantities. Make sure that their feeding behaviour calms down first before offering them more.



Most grasses like a soil with sufficient metal and mineral trace elements.

Wild Carrot Seeds 50gram

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