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Natural immune system support with herbs from nature.


500g is enough for about 10 - 14 days



OKAPI immuno herbs can be given in addition to the veterinary treatment that your horse is following: during the moult, or during the cold and wet season.


OKAPI immuno herbs should never be given for more than four to six weeks at a time. After this period, it is recommended to interrupt for two to four weeks or to substitute with another mixture of herbs like OKAPI meadow herbs.


Feeding tips:

Add dry or moistened to feed or sprinkle on hay. Adult horses receive about 30-50g (ca. a handful).

Depending on their size, ponies get about half that.



100% Herbal Blend, Contains: Eupatorium, Conefl ower Herbs, Horehound, Rose Hips Bark, St. John's Wort, Mistletoe Herbs, Lapacho Bark, Horseradish Root, Ginkgo Herbs Constituents and Analytical Contents: Crude Protein: 10, 1%, Crude Fat: 3.9%, Crude Fibre: 21.6%, Crude Ash: 7.4%, Calcium: 1.31%, Phosphorus: 0.21%, Sodium: <0.01%


Feed supplement for horses

Keep in a dry and cool place.

Immuno herbs 500g

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