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For an optimal muscular system


800g is enough for about 1-2 months



For remounts and racehorses, as well as in times of increased muscle activity, we recommend OKAPI Lymeth in combination with OKAPI L-Carnitin Plus.


You can complete this combination by adding OKAPI Wild Seeds, which provide high quality, bioavailable fatty acids to support optimal muscle metabolism.

Due to its high amino acid content (compared to complete feed), this food supplement should only represent a maximum of 0.5% of the horse's daily ration.


Feeding tips:

Adult horses receive 1-2 scoops on their feed (1 scoop = 14g). Depending on their size, ponies get about half that.



Carrot powder, soybean oil Additives: Nutritional additives per kg: 247,000 mg methionine (E3.1.1), 400,000 mg lysine (E3.2.3), 250,000 mg threonine (E3.3.1) as amino acids, mineral salts and their equivalents Constituents and analytical contents: Crude protein: 81%, Crude ash: 1%


Feed supplement for horses

Keep in a dry and cool place.


Lymeth 800g

PriceFrom €39.90
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