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Metazoa FitRight (SuperFitBroxxx) Esparcette15kg

Precommande avant le 15 Juin pour recuperer/livrer debut Juillet
  • Raw materials:

    Raw materials Esparcette Vitamin- in mineral mix Calcium carbonate Linseed Salt

    Feed analysis

    Contents Percentages Crude protein 15.0% EW Horse 0.52 VRE Horse 10.4% Crude fat 7.0% Crude fibre 18.6% Crude inorganic matter 20.6% Starch (from Esparcette) 1.63% Sugar (from Esparcette) 2.98%


    Content Amount per kilogram Calcium (Ca) 38.00 g Phosphorus (P) 3.40 g Potassium (K) 17.43 g Magnesium (Mg) 20.00 g Zinc (Zn) 1200 mg Iron (Fe) 383 mg Copper (Cu) 200 mg Sodium (Na) 12.00 g Manganese (Mn) 500 mg Selenium (Se) 1.74 mg Iodine (I) 7.00 mg Cobalt (Co) 2.60 mg

    Added vitamins

    Content per kg Vitamin A 45,000 IU Vitamin B1 200 mg Vitamin B2 200 mg Vitamin D3 15,000 IU Vitamin E (DL-a-Tocof.acet.) 2000 mg Vitamin C 500 mg Vitamin B12 1200 mcg Biotin 2000 mcg

    From Metazoa SuperFit Broxxx with Esparcette is free from:


    GMO ( genetically modified organism )



    As far as we know, completely free of doping.



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