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Microorganisms ready to use.
Microferm is a liquid mixture of active microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) which stimulates organic decomposition (fermentation).

Contents: 2  liters.





It can be applied in the stable, on pasture and on the manure pile. According to the principle of dominance, harmful microorganisms will be eliminated.

Organic compounds in manure, litter, green waste will be transformed by a maturation process into easily assimilated nutrients. During this transformation, effective microorganisms compete with putrefactive bacteria, pathogenic germs, ... thus avoiding phenomena such as putrefaction, ammonia fumes ...

In addition, the infectious pressure in the stable is reduced and the treated manure becomes a very valuable product for the soil.



  • Efficient transformation of organic matter.
  • A healthier stable with fewer flies.
  • Prevents putrefaction and ammonia fumes.
  • Packaging in cubitainer (vacuum) which increases the storage time after opening.
  • Authorized in organic farming in accordance with European regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008


Microferm creates a natural balance and high biodiversity in the stable. It decreases infectious pressure, which translates into lower health costs because the horse's vitality and resistance increases. In addition, the Microferm offers a solution for the treatment of manure. By spraying it on the litter, it contributes to optimal decomposition of organic matter. As there is no more rotting, ammonia fumes no longer occur. There are therefore less respiratory system ailments and fewer flies in the stable


Usage tips

  • Spray 1 l of solution (water / Microferm) on the litter in 2 to 3 passages per week for a box of 9 m².
  • Minimum dilution  : 5% (5 liters of Microferm for 100 l of water)

Microferm (EM-A) - 2L

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