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Free airways
Iceland moss is a traditional herbal medicine that is mainly used for respiratory and lung problems. Botanically, Iceland moss is a lichen. It contains lichen acids with antibiotic effects.
Lichenic acids have an effect on inflammations of the mouth and respiratory tract, but also on problems in the intestinal area. Their high content of mucilage helps to loosen the stuck mucus and promote its ejection

Iceland moss (500 g)

  • Analytical components Crude fiber 13%

    Minerals Calcium 0.39%, phosphorus 0.04%, sodium 0.01%

    100% Iceland moss


  • Depending on the size of the horse, add Iceland moss to the feed daily. Iceland moss can be boiled for a more intense effect. The cookedAlso feed the moss (lichen) as it still contains 20-30% of the active ingredients.

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