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To be used as support for joints and locomotor functions. Particularly supports circulation in the hoof (navicular). The herbs have been specially selected to ensure a healthy and regular blood supply, especially for the limbs and feet.

  • Dietary supplement

Navi'Care 1kg

PriceFrom €43.00
    • red vine
    • ginko biloba
    • horse chestnut
    • canada fleabane
    • harpagophytum
    • boswellia serrata
    • blueberries leaves
    • meadow queen
    • stinging nettle

    Proteins: 8.44% crude cellulose: 15.72% lipids: 2.76% crude ash: 6.26%

    • horses: 2 scoops/day (30 g) in the ration
    • ponies: 1 scoop/day in the ration
    • To be used by cure of 1 month renewable or as long as necessary on the longer term

    Do not give to pregnant mares. 1 kg of mixture = 25 horse days.

    As a precaution, stopping Navi'Care  3 days before a competition could contain traces of harpagosides.

    Food supplement for equines. Close well after use - Keep out of reach of children - Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

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