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OKAPI ColoBalance

Supports the flora of the intestine in case of liquid droppings or diarrhea


In case of liquid droppings, diarrhea or intestinal inflammation, OKAPI ColoBalance can be given as a supplement to the treatment prescribed by your veterinarian. Its high content in humic acids (up to 70%) supports the natural flora of the intestine. OKAPI ColoBalance is also recommendable as a supplement for horses that eat more forest soil or bitter substances like bark and acorns. You can provide this mixture to your horse after giving it forage or other foods that possibly cause intestinal problems. Most horses tolerate this supplement very well, which you can add to soaked hay. You can combine this supplement with OKAPI bitter herbs, OKAPI licorice extract, OKAPI lapacho bark or OKAPI ColoProtect Forte.


Feeding advice:

Adult horses receive 50g / day. Depending on their size, ponies get about half of it. The dose can be doubled if needed.



Leonardite (98%), lignocellulose (2%)


Constituents and analytical contents:

Crude ash: 37.4%
Crude protein: 3.6%
Crude fat: 0.9%
Crude fiber: 12.3%
Sodium: 0.050%
Calcium: 5.161%
Phosphorus: 0.076%
Humidifying: 37%

Food supplement for horses
Store in a cool, dry place.

OKAPI ColoBalance 750g

PriceFrom €22.50
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