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These seeds support the horse's metabolism with their natural oils


OKAPI Wildsamen (wild seeds)500gr

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  • Indications:

    Before giving them, let OKAPI Wildsamen soak and swell in lukewarm water so that these seeds hatch optimally. OKAPI Wildsamen does not require cooking. You can also add these seeds to the mash.
    Never give OKAPI Wildsamen for more than 4-6 weeks in a row. Stop for 2-4 weeks, or alternate with a herbal blend that supports metabolism, such as OKAPI Kräuterweide .


    Feeding advice:

    Add 1-2 tablespoons (measure included) to the filling. Depending on their size, ponies get about half of it.

  • Constituents and analytical contents:

    Crude protein: 21.5%

    Crude fat: 26.3%

    Crude fibre: 25.6%

    Raw ash: 4.0%

    Calcium: 0.57%

    Phosphorus: 0.57%

    Sodium: 0.027%


    Composition :

    100% mix of wild seeds, contains:
    Camelina seeds, chia, rose hips, nigella, evening primrose, blue poppy, shiso, cardoon, sesame seeds


    Feed supplement for horses
    Keep in a dry and cool place.


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