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1.200g Okapi Prodic

1.400g Okapi Hoofcool strong


Laminitis is a symptom triggered by different causes. The reasons may be an unbalanced diet, an overload of the musculoskeletal system or metabolism. A decrease in microcirculation in the hoof causes inflammation of the hoof skin, which is very painful.


In case of urgent laminitis, the first thing to do is to call the veterinarian. He will decide on further treatment depending on the symptoms. 


At the urgent stage, OKAPI Prodic has proven itself, because most laminitis is linked to erroneous fermentations or toxic overload from the intestine. OKAPI Prodic binds these substances already in the intestine, so that they can be eliminated with the droppings. At this point, you should definitely give OKAPI HoofCool, which combines anti-inflammatory components and plant active substances that dissolve clots and enlarge vessels. Laminitis can also be a symptom of metabolic disorders and undiagnosed insulin resistance; in such a case, a course of OKAPI PankrEMS has proven itself. 


Food supplement for equines



Urgent Hoof Pack

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