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Low-protein herbal blend



• herbs


• as a staple food (100% hay replacement) • to add value to hay and silage

• in spring and autumn, for pasture-fed horses when the still young grass is rich in protein and low in fi bre

• in case of respiratory problems caused by dust, aromatic herbs and mold present in the fodder

• for a diet low in protein

• for horses allergic to aromatic herbs or who, due to homeopathic treatment, are obliged to give it up


• as staple food (100% hay substitute): approx. 1.2 kg to 1.5 kg per 100 kg of target body weight per day

• as concentrate feed: 1.2 kg replaces approx. 1 kg of cereal

• to add value to the staple food: 1 kg replaces approx. 1 kg of hay

• distribute gradually

In general, AGROBS® recommends soaking the flakes



Crude protein 6.60% Oils and mat. gr. 1.80% Crude fiber 28.30% Crude ash 5.10% Calcium 0.33% Phosphorus 0.24% Magnesium 0.12% Chloride 0.26% Sodium 0.003% Potassium 1.36% Sulfur 0.11% Starch 5.53% Sugar 11.10% Fructan 5.92% Zinc 18.00 mg/kg Manganese 39.00 mg/kg Copper 3.40 mg/kg Selenium < 0.04 mg/kg Lysine 0.28% Methionine 0.10% Cystine 0.06% Threonine 0.23% Digestible energy 8.12 DE MJ/kg Metabolic energy 7.00 ME MJ/kg Digestible crude protein 3.64%


The values analyzed are of natural origin.

Pre Alpin Protein Light Flakes 15kg

Precommande avant le 12 septembre pour récupérer/livrer en Octobre
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