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The Vulkamin is a  volcanic stone powder , 100% natural with a  enormous absorption capacity , rich in  minerals and trace elements . Vulkamin does not contain  no polluting elements  due to the primary character of the rock.

The minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium) and trace elements (silicon, zinc, titanium…) contained in Vulkamin are of paramount importance for humans, animals and plants. But also the soil benefits since it is enriched by the Vulkamin used in the manure.

Vulkamin has an effect  disinfectant  which benefits the  hoof health . Vulkamin reacts less with nitrogenous compounds such as ammonium than limestone; which allows  conserve nitrogen  (less release of ammonia). The boxes are drier and the animals are less exposed to harmful substances. It is therefore a  prevention of  respiratory system by ammonia fumes.

Vulkamin 25kg

  • 2 x 1 kg / 12 m² stable / week

    2 x 0.75 kg / stable of  9 m² / week


    •  Great moisture absorption

    • Avoid fumes  ammonia

    •  Manure and soil are enriched with minerals and trace elements


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