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This essential oil with a warm and camphoric scent is obtained by distillation of the oleoresin of the copai tree extracted by incision of the trunk of the tree which grows in Brazil.Purifying and cleansing, it has a woody and suave odor. This essential oil which rebalances the senses is ideal for massage. Apply a few drops to your wrists and neck as an evening scent. Or add a few drops to a neutral moisturizer for velvety soft skin. This woody essential oil is one of the main ingredients in our unique blend of 'Stress Away essential oils.

  • Sweet, woody and penetrating scent.
  • Reduces imperfections and gives a radiant complexion.
  • To be mixed with a body oil for a relaxing massage.

YL copaiba 15ml

    • Inhalation  : Keep a bottle on your desk for a little uplifting boost.
    • Beauty  : Add a few drops to your body cream, shower gel or neutral massage oil for beautiful, soft and glowing skin.
    • Bath  : Pour 6 to 8 drops in the bath water for a moment of serenity.
    • Massage  : Dilute a few drops in 10 ml of the Young Living V-6® Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex mixture and massage the painful areas after a workout for a calming and refreshing effect.
    • Perfume  : Apply a few drops to the wrists, neck and behind the ears for a warm and sweet scent.
  • Resin  Copaifera officinalis * (copaier) *
    * 100% pure essential oil

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