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EM® Drink is a naturally fermented probiotic drink made from aronia berries.

EM® Drink contains live and active lactic acid bacteria, which contribute to a healthy intestinal flora. Fermentation releases useful microorganisms, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that help optimize immunity. It can be consumed daily, or specifically in case of intestinal disturbances or after antibiotic treatment. Your body (re) finds its balance.

EM® Drink is enriched with organic aronia juice. The chokeberry berry contains vitamin C, vitamin K, and antioxidants, which boost immunity.
Lactic acid bacteria are cultivated and activated by providing sugar in the form of molasses. Sugar is 100% digested by microorganisms and converted into lactic acid. EM® Drink therefore contains no sugar!


-Does not contain lactose
-Suitable for vegan diet
-Does not contain artificial flavors, colors, flavor or odor enhancers, or preservatives.

EM-Drink 2ltr for riders

  • How do you drink EM Drink?

    Diluted with water daily before breakfast.

    Like an alcohol-free cocktail; Mix EM Drink with sparkling water, ice cubes and mint or rosemary or ...
    Make ice cubes with water, mint, and berries like berries, cherries, and pieces of strawberries.

    Healthy and festive!
    Chilled in the refrigerator, EM Drink is a delicious, refreshing and healthy drink for hot summer days

    As a healthy refreshment after a sports performance or at meetings


    Hoe drink I EM Drink?

    Dagelijks voor het ontbijt aangelengd met water.

    Als mocktail; Meng EM Drink puts bruisend water, ijsblokjes en munt of rozemarijn of…
    Maak ijsblokjes met water, munt en klein fruit zoals bessen, kers en stukjes aardbei. Gezond in feestelijk!
    Gekoeld in de koelkast is EM Drink is heerlijke verfrissende en gezonde drank voor de warme zomerse dagen

    Als een gezonde frissing na een sportieve prestatie of tijdens meetings

  • What does EM Drink contain?
    Purified water, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, organic ariona juice (16%), natural blackcurrant flavor (4%), wheat bran extract, sugar and nothing else. EM Drink is lactose free, vegan and free from artificial colors, odors, flavors and preservatives.

    Without sugar
    To activate and develop lactic acid bacteria, they are fed with sugar. Sugar is 100% digested and converted into lactic acid. So EM Drink no longer contains sugar! Look here for recipes and more information.

    EM Drink is available in a 2 liter bag-in-box.


    Wat zit er in EM Drink?
    Gezuiverd water, melkzuurbacteriën, gisten, biologische arionasap (16%), natuurlijke cassisaroma (4%), tarwezemelextract, suiker en verder niets. EM Drink is lactosevrij, vegan in vrij van kunstmatige kleur-, geur in smaakstoffen in conservingsmiddelen.

    Geen suikers
    Om de melkzuurbacteriën te activateen en te laten groeien worden ze met suiker gevoed. De suiker wordt 100% verteerd en omgezet in melkzuur. EM Drink bevat dus geen suiker meer! Kijk hier voor recepten en meer informatie.

    EM Drink is verkrijgbaar in een  2 liter bag-in-box.

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