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Esparcette is a valuable leguminous forage for horses, which has a number of very beneficial properties for health.
Sainfoin cubes are suitable for all horses and all horse breeds and add value to the daily ration.

Main properties
for horses that are hypersensitive to gastrointestinal parasites
an increased need for minerals and vitamins, for example during growth, intensive sport, heavy exertion, gestation, the lactation period and old age.
in case of fatigue, lethargy, poor performance, recovery from illness
for horses that need a diet low in starch and sugar
for horses that are too thin or have a poor appetite
for all breeds of horses, at any age
as a valuable addition to hay, haylage and pasture
as a replacement for concentrated foods containing cereals


When the food is made moist, the stems and leaf parts again absorb the water and increase the palatability of the food!


Sainfoin cubes contain no added vitamins or minerals. It may therefore be appropriate to add a Balancer or a mineral to the diet.

Equifyt Sainfoin cubes 20kg

Sales Tax Included
  • Analytical components and additives
    Crude protein: 13.0%.
    Crude fat: 1.6%.
    Crude fibers: 27.0%.
    Crude ash: 10.0%.
    Starch: 3.0%.
    Sugars: 5.6%.

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