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narrow plantain 7%
parsley 16%
yarrow 3%
cumin 19%
chicory 14%
wild carrot 6%
fennel 12%
waldstro 1.5%
wild chamomile 2.5%
small burnet 15%
calendula (marigold) 4%
Compared to our other flower / herb mixes, this mix has the following specific properties:

* Biodiversity supplement sown in combination with our other multi-mixes
* Suitable for sowing / nosing with herbs
* Does not contain bulky plants, remains weak. The other multi-mixes contain quite a few bulky plants which can make hay extraction difficult!
Does not contain clovers
Dosage 3 to 5 kg per hectare

Mixture of seeds of medicinal herbs for horses and others 1kg

PriceFrom €25.00
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