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OKAPI 4 Seasons Food “Spring Mix”

The natural support for your horse during the spring moult


2.500 g are enough for 2 months for small ponies
5.000g sufficient for 2 months for ponies
10.000g sufficient for 2 months for horses



OKAPI Spring Mix should only be given to your horse for a maximum of two months in the period from February to March. Then it is advisable to switch to the Beginning Pasture Mixture. This also adapts to the natural feeding behavior of the horse.


OKAPI Spring mixcan be served dry or moistened. You can also addOKAPI Spring mixto concentrate feed, mash or soaked hay.

Food 4 SeasonsOKAPI(Vierjahreszeitenfutter)does not constitute a complete feed and must therefore be supplemented with a mineral feed. Please ask us for advice on the optimal mineral supplement for your horse.


Feeding tips:

Adult horses receive approximately 150 g per day. Depending on their size, ponies get about half that.

Composition :

100% herbal blend. Contains: green oats, chamomile flowers, birch leaves, heather, dandelion (dent-de-lion) with roots, lingonberry, Iceland moss, yarrow, dead nettle, artichoke, restharrow root, knotweed, coriander seed , milk thistle seed, bedstraw, parsnip, parsley, quackgrass root, eupatorium, rosehip seed, nigella seed

Constituents and analytical contents:

Crude protein: 10.4%
Oils and fats: 4.0%
Crude fibre: 22.4%
Raw ash: 7.8%
Calcium: 0.57%
Phosphorus: 0.34%
Sodium: 0.26%

Feed supplement for horses
Keep in a dry and cool place.

4 Seasons Food “Spring Mix 2.5kg

PriceFrom €51.40
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