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Vitamins and vital substances




The food of wild horses is very rich in fiber; they supplement it regularly with the fruits of certain plants: not only with oily seeds (eg OKAPI wild seeds), but also with berries. These provide them with a whole host of high-quality vitamins and secondary phytochemicals that support the natural functioning of their metabolism.

By sprinkling the pasture or going to graze your horses or by adding OKAPI wild berries to their food, you provide them with a salutary and healthy alternative, especially for their winter diet, or in summer for the horses which have only reduced access to grazing areas.

OKAPI wild berries (Wilde Beeren) 500gr

PriceFrom €24.90
  • Feeding advice:

    Add to feed, or sprinkle the enclosure with grass where your horses will graze. Adult horses receive about 50–75 g (about a handful). Depending on their size, ponies get about half of it.

  • Constituents and analytical contents:

    Crude protein: 8.0%

    Oils and fats: 10.3%

    Crude fiber: 18.6%

    Crude ash: 3.7%

    Calcium: 0.53%

    Phosphorus: 0.21%

    Sodium: 0.05%


    Bilberry, elderberry, raspberry, rosehip, chokeberry, berberis, hawthorn, lingonberry, sea buckthorn, sloe, blackcurrant

    Food supplement for horses
    Store in a cool, dry place.


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