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The cooking process does not harm the informative power of MS. As a result, the multiple characteristics and information of microorganisms are preserved forever in the clay, which allows the long-lasting action of EM ceramics. In contact with water, the information (frequencies) of the EM ceramic will be transmitted to the water. The same effect can be obtained "  dried up  »In an enclosed and restricted space

Advantages  :

Reduction of lime deposits.

Improvement of the general water quality.

Better food preservation.

Usage tips  :

• In kettles

• In beverage bottles and jugs

• In the toilet flush tank

• In water taps and showers (if possible)

• In water for watering plants and flowers

• In the washing machine: 40-50 tubes in a washcloth (in combination with Wipe & Clean).

• In the dishwasher: a few tubes in the cutlery basket

• In the filter or at the bottom of the aquarium

• In the fruit basket or refrigerator to store food.


Small volume: 5 to 25 pieces

Large volume (water tank): 1 kg / 1000 liters of water.

Very large volumes (ponds, swimming pools) there are 1 to 2 kg per 10 m3 (10,000 liters) of water volume.


EM ceramic gray pipes/beads 500gr

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