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In case of temporary stress. To be given directly in the mouth the day before and the same day of any unusual change ; competition, transport, veterinarian, breaking in, change of place, maximum 4 doses per day / Can be used during pregnancy and lactation. Not suitable for stallions during the breeding season.

  • Rapid Calm paste soothes and relaxes quickly.
  • Dietary supplement

Pate Rapid'Calm 60ml

  • Horse: 30 ml the day before a stressful event and 30 ml the next morning one hour before the event. Pony 15ml. The dose can be renewed during the day if necessary with a maximum of 4 doses per day. Not suitable for stallions during the breeding season. Usable during gestation, lactation, foals and competition.

  • Water, tryptophans 1000mg/30ml, amino acids, lime blossom, verbena, jasmine, passion flower, schizandra, chloride de magnesium 500 mg/30 ml, structuring agent. Proteins: 2.3%, crude cellulose: 1.15%, fat: 0.8%, crude ash: 6.5%

    Conditioning: 60 ml dosing syringe = 2 doses.

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