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I think that food is very expensive...".

I still hear sometimes that the feed is expensive. The feeds that I sell and recommend are generally not the cheapest feeds either, and if your horse has KPU, it costs a lot to buy the right supplements.

I understand why people find these products expensive. It also hurts my wallet a bit when I test a supplement for my horses at 80 euros for 600 grams

These products are so expensive for a reason. They contain good quality and healthy ingredients that support your horse.

We are a bit spoiled with the 18 euro bags of feed you get at the Gamme Vert. However, it is important to remember that these are often the feeds you need to feed your horse a kilo of per day to provide the minerals it needs.

A 20 kg bag will then only last 20 days and it often contains ingredients which horses are not really able to digest. A balancer of 30 to 39 euros may sound expensive, but you can do 80 days with the same balancer because you only have to give 250 grams. So that is only 0.48 euro per day, compared to 0.90 euro per day for the 18 euro bag.

So yes, healthy food and also the food that I often recommend are usually not the cheapest food. However, you should not only look at the price, but also at how long you can use it. Just for fun, calculate the price per day of different foods and see which one really costs the most. And I'm not even talking about possible future vet or other treatment costs that feeding your horse healthily could save you. That is also worth a lot to me.

Some reactions from customers:

Not to mention that by feeding a good and healthy diet, you are less likely to suffer from any issues, ultimately saving on vet and/or medicine costs! Win-win!

It is always hard to swallow when you pick up your bags, but yes! Expensive' food is often cheaper food, especially when you talk about balancers.

The same with our food, you can choose cheaper snacks, which are more likely to cause a health problem than an improvement, or fresh produce, or even organic. All a bit more expensive, but healthier. And in the long run you save on health care because you prevent problems with good nutrition.

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