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Compound feed for horses

Once a wild animal of the steppes, the horse has evolved over the millennia to become a faithful companion of man. Attitudes towards breeding and feeding have changed as a result, unfortunately not always with positive effects on equine health. Nowadays, horses are often fed feed that is too high in energy. Foods rich in cereals are often low in crude fiber and vital substances. AlpenGrün Müsli can help you.

Alpengrün Müsli is a grain-free and molasses-free müsli that naturally provides your horse with the nutrients it needs. It has a very digestible structure in combination with root vegetables, fruits, leaves and flowers.

Based on the dried Pre Alpin® green fibers and refined with vegetables such as parsnips, carrots and beets, the Agrobs AlpenGrün Müsli provides highly digestible raw fibers as well as minerals, vitamins and natural secondary plant substances . Sunflower, flax and nigella seeds  have a positive effect on the  digestion and a premium oil blend of linseed oil and camelina as a source of essential fatty acids.

Calendula flowers and  cornflowers, raspberry and blackberry leaves as a source of vitamins and vital substances, as well as cut rose hips as a source of vitamin C complete the AlpenGrün muesli recipe.

Agrobs AlpenGrün Müsli is suitable for all horses and improves the daily feed ration in a special way!



PRE ALPIN®* dry green fibres, Linseeds, Sunflower seeds, Dried apples, Nigella pellets, Carrot, Mixture of cold-pressed oils (linseed oil, camelina oil), Rosehips cut into pieces, Parsnips, Beetroot, Calendula flowers, Raspberry leaves, Mulberry leaves, Blueberry flowers.
*green fodder from grasses, herbs and legumes



  • as a single concentrate feed
  • as a dietary supplement
  • suitable for all horse feed
  • for a diet  with reduced starch and sugar content



Depending on the horse and the work required

  • as single feed concentrate: approx. 100 at 500 g per 100 kg target body weight per day
  • as a supplement to the usual concentrate feed: 1 kg replaces 1 kg of cereal

AGROBS recommends

  • Gradual introduction into diet change
  • For gourmands, for older horses or horses with dental problems, for horses with low water absorption we recommend moistening or soaking the feed
  • For the mineral supply, we recommend an AGROBS® mineral feed adapted to your horse and its supplement needs.



Crude protein13.30%Lysine0.52%
Digestible raw protein9.50%Methionine0.22%
Oils and matte. gr. raw5.70%cystine0.17%
Crude fiber23.70%Threonine0.47%
raw ash7.70%  
Calcium0.59%Starch4.00 %
Sodium0.05%digestible energy9.56 MJ / kg
Potassium1.24%metabolic energy8.00 ME MJ / kg

The values analyzed are of natural origin. *Also the analyzed sugar value is included purely natively. No artificial sugar added

Alpengrün Müsli 15kg

Precommande avant le 12 Juin pour recuperer/livrer debut Juillet
  • Multiple bags of 15, 20 and 25 kg will not be mailed. We can only send one bag for you. However, you can collect multiple bags from us. And every 3 months we deliver to our area, please contact us. 

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