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Easy to digest and high in energy



• Prenatura® dry green fibers

• flaxseed, carrot, rosehip, parsnip, beetroot, raspberry leaves, mulberry leaves, blueberries


• as a concentrate feed • for horses with sensitive digestive tract

• for horses requiring a diet low in starch and sugar


• as a single concentrate feed: approx. 100 to 500 g per 100 kg of target body weight per day

• as a supplement to the usual concentrate feed: 1 kg of ALPENGRÜN PELLET replaces 1 kg of cereals

• as a conditioner for lean horses: Combined with AGROBS® Omega3 Pur (up to 50 ml oil per kg of target body weight per day) as a cereal-free, organic-based concentrate feed ration fats and fibers AGROBS® recommends soaking ALPENGRÜN PELLET before distribution.

For an optimal mineral supply, we recommend an AGROBS® mineral feed adapted to your horse and its needs.


Crude protein 9.60% Oils and mat. gr. 4.00% Crude fiber 24.80% Crude ash 7.20% Calcium 0.60% Phosphorus 0.25% Magnesium 0.23% Chloride 0.37% Sodium 0.03% Potassium 1.47% Sulfur 0, 17% Starch 3.30% Sugar 9.60% Fructan 5.10% Zinc 30.00 mg/kg Manganese 96.00 mg/kg Copper 6.00 mg/kg Selenium < 0.04 mg/kg Lysine 0.41 % Methionine 0.16% Cystine 0.31% Threonine 0.39% Digestible energy 8.66 DE MJ/kg Metabolic energy 7.70 ME MJ/kg Digestible crude protein 6.20%

The values analyzed are of natural origin


Alpengrun pellet 20kg

Precommande avant le 12 septembre pour récupérer/livrer en Octobre
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