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AlpenGrün Senior Muesli is a grain-free and molasses-free muesli for senior horses.


Agrobs AlpenGrün Senior Müesli is a tasty muesli specially formulated to meet the needs of senior horses. Pre Alpin® Dried Green Fiber provides a high quality raw fiber base, while Myoalpin® Fiber supports muscle maintenance with easily digestible protein and essential amino acids. Both have a short fiber length to ensure optimal absorption, even in horses with dental problems.


The seeds promote healthy digestion and food intake. Milk thistle supports the liver in its main metabolic and detoxification functions.


Who is Agrobs Alpengrün Senior Muesli suitable for?
AlpenGrün Senior Muesli is suitable for older horses.

ideal ideal for horses with dental problems
in addition to the basic diet
in case of muscle deterioration

Do not use for horses with digestive problems, choose Alpengrün mash or Agrobs pallets. They are practically the same products, only the length of the fibers is more suitable for the digestive tract of horses with digestive problems.


Versatile ingredients, particularly suitable for older horses.
rich in natural essential substances
grain and molasses free
without additives
low in starch and sugar

Good to combine with:
You still need to add a balancer to meet general mineral and vitamin needs. You can use Pure G Senior Mineral Blend for this purpose. Also, you can easily mix different herbal mixtures in the mash to improve the taste acceptance (of herbal mixtures).


Alpengrun Senior 15kg

Precommande avant le 15 Juin pour recuperer/livrer debut Juillet
  • Composition
    Myoalpin®* fibers, pasture grasses and plants, flax pellets, sunflower seeds, brewer's yeast, apple pulp, milk thistle, mixture of cold-pressed oils (linseed oil, camelina oil), carrot, rosehip slices, parsnip, beetroot, marigold, raspberry leaves, blackberry leaves, blueberry, rose leaves.


    To analyse
    Rohprotein 13.70
    Praec. Crude green protein 8.47%.
    Rohöle and -fette 9.50%.
    Rohfaser 24.50%.
    Rohasche 8.20
    Calcium 0.59%.
    Phosphorus 0.38%.
    Magnesium 0.27
    Sodium 0.067%.
    Potassium 1.51
    Zinc 36.00mg/kg
    Manganese 36.00mg/kg
    Kupfer 9.10mg/kg
    Selenium 0.07mg/kg
    Lysine 0.62%.
    Methionine 0.21%.
    Cystine 0.14
    Threonine 0.55%.
    Starch 1.90
    Zucker 7.50
    Fructan 3.95
    green. Energy 10.80 MJ/kg

    The values analyzed are of indigenous origin.
    The valuable sugar analyzed is also present in pure native form. No industrial sugar has been added.

    Status: 09/2021

  • Recommended quantity
    As sole feed concentrate: approx. 100-500 g per 100 kg ideal body weight per day or as a supplement to existing roughage. AGROBS® recommends feeding animals in small amounts for optimal intake. Especially for horses that eat fast, older horses, horses with dental problems and horses that do not drink enough, we recommend giving the feed moistened or soaked if necessary.

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