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Bokashi starter is a product to help with the fermentation of compost. The starter Bokashi is made only of wheat bran that has been fermented by EM®. It is used to activate fermentation in the Bokashi bucket, but also enriches the substrates.

Bokashi Starter 2kg

  • Bokashi starter is a 100% natural product, made from wheat bran, fermented using EM® technology.

    It allows to enrich the substrates as well as to initiate the fermentation in the Bokashi bucket.

    It allows you to initiate the fermentation of organic matter in the Bokashi bucket. This recycles your food scraps into a rich soil and plant amendment, all without the bad odors or flies often associated with compost.

    Bokashi Starter can also be added to the growing medium to enrich it. Plant immunity is increased.

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