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seeds for grazing horses 


Flowers, grasses and natural nitrogen fixers (green manure crops/edges).

Annual and perennial seeds.


Sowing is done from spring to early fall. In case of over-seeding, reduce the dosage by half.

Mix 1 Bio-Ron 100% organic without ryegrass or clover.

Ideal for over-sowing in an existing meadow that is quite rich in clover and/or too rich in ryegrass. Suitable for all types of soil.

50% timothy, 20% red fescue, 15% cocksfoot, 15% meadow fescue.

Also suitable for hay.

Persistence in case of overload and resistance to trampling by horses.

40 to 50 kg per hectare.

Packaging: bag of 500gr, 1, 5 and 10 kg.

Grass seed Mixture no. 1 (0.5kg)

PriceFrom €13.50
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