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Your horse maintains its health through the fall moult


Indications: OKAPI Coat Change Mixture should only be given to your horse for a maximum of two months over the periodAugust to September.

Then it is advisable to switch to OKAPI Autumn Mix to provide the optimal support for your horse in this season when infections are more common.

This also adapts to the natural feeding behavior of the horse.OKAPI Coat Change Mix can be fed dry or moistened.

You can also add OKAPI for Coat Change to concentrate feed, mash or soaked hay.OKAPI Coat Change Mix is not a complete feed and should therefore be supplemented with mineral feed.

Please ask us for advice on the optimal mineral supplement for your horse.


Feeding tips:

Adult horses receive approximately 150 g per day. Depending on their size, ponies get about half that.


Composition: 100% blend of herbs. Contains: green oats, calendula, nettles, goldenrod, mugwort, rosehip seed, chia seed, camelina seed, horsetail, Persian speedwell, verbena, heather, centurium, chicory, angelica root , horseradish root, plum blossoms, juniper berries


Constituents and analytical contents:

Crude protein: 10.3% Oils and fats: 4.3% Crude fibre: 27.3% Crude ash: 5.9% Calcium: 0.55% Phosphorus: 0.32% Sodium: 0.12%


Feed supplement for horses Store in a cool, dry place.

4 Seasons Food Coat Change Mix 2.5kg

PriceFrom €51.40
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