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The mixture of intestinal herbs ensures good digestion and is therefore ideal for horses with intestinal problems.

It is best not to give OKAPI Gut Herbs for more than six to eight weeks at a time.

In order to prolong the effect of intestinal herbs, you can administer them at the same time as licorice extract (except for horses with laminitis).

Advice for winter or horses with chronic problems
An ideal winter regimen is to alternate bitter grasses, gut grasses, and pasture grasses every two weeks.

Digestive issues
A horse has 30 meters of intestine and this is no coincidence. The large intestine is an integral part of the immune system and is therefore very important for the defense against disease. Digestive disorders therefore often have serious consequences on the body. Diarrhea is a serious disorder of the horse's digestive tract. But normal manure followed by a trickle of water is also a clear signal of an unbalanced intestinal flora.

Cause and effect
A suboptimal diet is usually the main cause of digestive problems. The most important factor is the hay! Many horses are fed packaged hay (hay silage or silage). But as soon as you wrap the hay in plastic, the pH values and content change. It can go on for years, but unfortunately in the long run the intestinal tract is badly damaged. The imbalance develops slowly and the horses gradually show more and more symptoms. It is therefore always important to give a good hay, especially in case of intestinal problems.

But there is another very important factor: glucose, sugars from molasses or grains. If a horse has been fed too much grain or sugars for a long time, it also disturbs the intestinal flora. Consequence: the intestinal flora does not function as it should. Nutrients are not absorbed properly and deficiencies appear. Other processes are disrupted and, in the long term, this can affect several organs and the whole body.


OKAPI herbs intestinal health (darmwohlkräuter)
Soothing for digestion

OKAPI Gut Health Herbs should not be given for more than six to eight weeks at a time.
After this period, it is recommended to stop for four to six weeks or
substitute with another blend of herbs, such as eg. OKAPI bitter herbs in
combination with OKAPI licorice extract. This is in accordance with the diet
natural horse. The alternation of OKAPI intestinal health, OKAPI bitter herbs and
OKAPI meadow grasses every two weeks during the winter is a combination that
has proven itself

Feeding advice:
Add to feed in dry or moist form, or sprinkle on hay. Horses
adults receive approximately 30 - 50 g (ca. a handful). Depending on their size, ponies in
receive about half.

100% blend of herbs, contains: chicory, fennel, bedstraw, anise, knapweed, thyme, rosemary,
oregano, marjoram, sage herbs, cumin, chamomile flowers, hops, Iceland moss,
bearded lichen, olive leaves, blueberry

Constituents and analytical contents: 
Crude protein: 7.77%
Crude fat: 11.2%
Crude fiber: 6.36%
Crude ash: 17.1%
Calcium: 1.37%
Phosphorus: 0.26%
Sodium: 0.12%
Food supplement for horses
Keep in a cool, dry place


OKAPI intestinal health herbs 500gr

PriceFrom €24.90
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