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OKAPI Food 4 Seasons Winter Mix :
for a healthy metabolism in the cold season


In winter, the body of our horses is exposed to various stresses. Little movement due to
short days and short walks ; group stress due to lack of space ;
in addition, sometimes the quality of the hay unfortunately leaves something to be desired. The weather is changing
often suddenly ; cold and wet periods are a burden on the system
immune system and have a negative effect on the animal's psyche. This is the reason for
which wild horses target certain grasses, barks, berries and seeds in order to
support their metabolism, immune system and respiratory tract,
particularly fragile in winter and conducive to colds, to better get through the coldest period
darkest of the year.

Power Tips :
For the winter period, low in herbs, OKAPI Winter Blend provides a
healthy enrichment with essential oleic acids. This mixture should only be given to
your horse only for two months maximum over the period from December to January. 

4 Seasons Winter mix 2.5kg

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  • Ce produit de Okapi vous sera livré gratuitement à domicile par Collissimo ! 
    Attention, ceci ne s'applique actuellement qu'à certains produits Okapi. 

    Si vous commandez également d'autres produits, pas de problème, vous pouvez toujours choisir Mondial Relay ou Collissimo pour ces produits. Ils ne seront alors envoyés que séparément. 

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