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Free airways
Ribwort plantain is traditionally used in case of bronchitis.
Ribwort plantain dissolves mucus in the bronchi, has an antibacterial effect and strengthens the immune system. Ribwort plantain has a mild antibiotic effect when consumed as a cold infused herbal tea or dry herb. Sprinkled with hot water (not boiling), it helps to fight against phlegm in the bronchi.

Ribwort plantain (1 kg)

  • Composition

    100% plantain leaves, cut.

    Analytical constituents Crude fibers 12.6
    Minerals Calcium 1.32%, phosphate 0.24%, sodium 0.09%.

  • Application Notes

    30-50 g in the form of herb or tea, as described above, also in addition to Bronchosan.

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