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Metazoa Fitright has the same composition as SuperFit Broxxx original, but instead of alfalfa, the transporter is now timothy. The protein percentage is therefore slightly lower than the ordinary SuperFit Broxxx made from alfalfa but the sugar content is still very low.

Fitright 15kg timothy

Sales Tax Included
Precommande avant le 12 Juin pour recuperer/livrer debut Juillet
  • Ingredients:

    Vitamins and minerals
    Vegetable oil

    Percentages of content per kg
    Crude protein 14.8%
    EW Horse 0.52
    VRE Horse 9.4%
    Crude fat 5.0%
    19.8% crude fiber
    Crude mineral matter 22.4%
    Starch (alfalfa) 3.0%
    Sugar (alfalfa) 1.8%

    Minerals per kg
    Calcium (Ca) 40 g
    Phosphorus (P) 3.2 g
    Potassium (K) 17.6 g
    Magnesium (Mg), 20.0 g
    Zinc (Zn) 1323 mg
    Iron (Fe) 924 mg
    Copper (Cu) 215 mg
    Sodium (Na) 12.0 g
    Manganese (Mn) 500 mg
    Selenium (Se) 1.74 mg
    Iodine (I) 7.5 mg
    Cobalt (Co) 3.0 mg
    Chlorine (Cl) 17.9 g

    Vitamins per kg
    vitamin A: 45,000 IU
    vitamin D3: 16,000 IU
    vitamin E (DL -a- Tocof.acet.): 2000 mg
    Vitamin C: 500 mg
    Vitamin B12: 1200 mcg
    Biotin: 2,000 mcg

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